Since we began our journey in 2008, we have had an overwhelming patronage of individuals who have an eye for the finer things in life. To celebrate this patronage, on this weekend, we’ve organised something bigger than our periodic sales – an exciting weekend festival! Allow us to share with you a glimpse of what we have in store for you.

Once you arrive at the venue, as you cross the aisle leading up to the Atelier store, you leave behind the city to enter our niche boutique cocooned by gorgeous trees and a spread of green velvet. And as we welcome you to our biggest festival cum sale in Pune, feel free to go through our choicest of collections.

With good music for company, expect yourself to be fully immersed in exploring our range of elegant furniture on display. As you browse through our comprehensive collection of designer fabrics and luxury sofas, you can virtually see them be a part of the luxe home interiors you’ve wanted for yourselves for quite some time now.

As you pick and choose from our furniture, furnishings and décor, do drop by at our fashion section by international designer Maral Yazarloo (Maya). The play of colours and textures and a mash up of contemporary and traditional is what highlights Maya’s signature styling.

From the props at our front-yard to Maya’s collection and Roheena Nagpal’s award winning designer sofa ‘The Urbane,’ this festival is a visual treat for both, the Instagram buffs and the senior connoisseurs, and everyone in between who are attending this festival! We do realise that all the exploring and shopping can be tiresome. Worry not! We have just the right refreshments by Tertullia to replenish you.

Headed by Roheena Nagpal, Atelier is India’s only bespoke home décor boutique where you can do up your home all under a single roof. This festival’s flat 30% off* sale is the one thing you cannot afford to miss this weekend! So mark your schedules and postpone a few appointments if need be, for the Atelier Homes’ Weekend Festival is here!