Shades of green have a powerful bandwidth. On one hand certain shades signify envy and possessiveness,while on the other hand some shades signify nurturing and rejuvenation. Lime green is one of the most significant ones in the positive spectrum. It inspires the attributes of youthfulness. It instantly soothes and refreshes the mind. It is often a natural choice for interior designers to use this colour to ensure that our homes stay young.

Sofas are your go-to place when you need to de-stress. It’s your companion for comfort. This lime green three seater sofa is just what you need to relax at the end of a tiring day. Its matte texture has a velvet caress which allows you to sink into the finely crafted cushions, with ease. And as you do so, let the lime green aura take over and do its magic!

If minimalism is what you are looking for, this clean lined setting is just the right one for you. The white and lime green cushion covers, set in a symmetrical form, enhance the fabric of the sofa. Accompanied by a rustic lamp and a tree-bark textured vase on top of a colour block console, the colour tones complement each other seamlessly.

Lime green goes well with your bedroom too. This being a bedroom, lime green has been used slenderly on the mirror to blend in with the adjacent elements. The large and cosy chair is perfect for powering down at the end of a day. Its floral cushion adds freshness to the room and the yellow emanates a natural happy vibe. The candle lantern is not only perfect for the corner of your bedroom but is equally suited for the balcony.

The kitchen is a reflection of the dweller’s individual taste and style. Perched elegantly on the table,

this lime green bowl and plate set flaunts an enviable stone glaze that makes your dining area look all the more inviting. The delicate motif print breathes harmony into the overall design. Sitting beside it is the platter that adds value to your kitchen décor with its charming rustic appeal. The leather-like handles offer a great grip blended with comfort for holding the platter.

Weaving symphony of the soothing lime green into your home continues with this classy cabinet. The rustic finish combined with a contrasting texture gives it a very modern appeal. Poised on it is a lime green vase with an earthly chattai texture, oozing with sophistication and elegance. Due to its simple style the vase can be fused into any type of interior. Lime green flower buds placed inside it are sure to enliven your surroundings as they inspire growth.

The rustic mirror looks great in the balcony and adds creativity to your walls. When it comes to outdoor interiors, the farmhouse or garden is sure to reflect class if decorated choicely. This rustic wall décor is perfectly suited for such needs. The modern solid wood console saves space and can be used for placing frames, stunning vases, and any artistic creations that will add vibrancy to your abode.